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What Makes for The Best Generator Servicing?

Power generators are vital for the functioning of many businesses and, therefore, need servicing at speed. Maybe your generator needs a fast repair job or is due for an inspection to make sure that it is still working as efficiently as it should be. Maybe you need a new generator altogether. Here is where the best generator servicing team can make all the difference. But what are the qualities of a good generator service?


There’s a limited utility in engineers offering generator servicing if they are unable to help with certain models or travel to certain places. Ideally, a company will be able to carry out generator servicing on all makes and models of generators, engines and UPS systems, whatever their customers requirements may be. They should also be able to offer versatility in their location by offering to travel to your site or work at their own.

Equipment inspections

The best way to avoid an issue with your generator is to have the generator inspected before the problem arises or gets worse. Any generator servicing service worth its salt will be able to offer you a highly-qualified inspection of the equipment – by expert mechanical and electrical engineers – and advise you on the best course of action.

Emergency repair and replacement

Sometimes emergencies can arise and you need a quick response to your generator problem. You may also be looking for replacement equipment that enables you to keep your business running while the problem is fixed. That’s why the best providers will be able to respond swiftly to carry out emergency repairs on your generator and offer you a hire generator to allow your business to continue uninterrupted if the problem can’t be fixed right away.

The provider should also be able to give you all the necessary accessories for the hire generator such as cables, fuel tanks and fuel if necessary. With some problems taking longer to resolve than others, it is obviously helpful if the provider is willing to hire out generators for extended periods of time, perhaps even up to years  however long it takes to resolve the problem.

Installation and removal

It goes without saying that although we may own equipment, sometimes we may not be best equipped to install or remove it. That’s why it helps if generator services include installation and removal of your genset or UPS as part of their offer. Again, the further the servicer can travel across the country, the better; some companies even allow overseas servicers to manage their power generation projects if it’s a servicer they trust.

Cost effective

Whatever the size of the project or your location, generator servicing should be offered at a competitive price. Always look for a servicer who is honest enough to advise you on the best option to suit your needs, rather than the most expensive.

Here at The Power Depot Ltd we can offer you all of these benefits. If your generator needs servicing and you’re looking for a quote, please do get in touch via our Contact page to speak with one of our advisors now.

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