Maintenance of any generator, just like a car, is essential to maintain smooth running and maximum efficiency. The Power Depot can cover the ongoing maintenance of your generator system throughout its lifetime. Modern generators can provide services for up to 30 years due to the technology used by manufacturers today. However, these devices will only last if they are serviced and maintained correctly,

Maintenance packages typically include load testing and making necessary changes, or suggestions, to improve the quality of your power supply, ensuring maximum life expectancy.

Our fully equipped fleet of vehicles allows our team of engineers to perform repairs and maintenance on site, thereby minimising the time taken to carry out crucial jobs and services.

Whether it is a group of large industrial generators or a single domestic generator, our staff will take excellent care to meet the customers’ requirements and promptly resolve any issues that are present. We aim to provide professional generator servicing at a cost-effective price, regardless of the project size and location. It is important to us to install the right generator to suit our customers’ needs.

Call us today to discuss the Generator Maintenance Agreement that we can offer for your generator – Our details can be found on the Contact Page