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5 Critical Facilities That Require an Industrial Generator

Power has become a core resource in almost all operations in the modern world, and that means that some entities cannot function without its adequate supply. From the delivery of public services to production of goods to running a home, power controls just about every aspect. Because of this, an interruption in its supply could mean devastating consequences, especially in critical facilities. These entities operate in mission critical environments, meaning it is not possible to shut them down. Such services require industrial power generators on standby to provide backup power when it’s needed. So what are the 5 critical facilities that require an industrial generator?


Medical facilities that handle patient care cannot afford to lose power even for a few seconds. Hospitals utilise a myriad of equipment that uses power for various functions, and a majority of these are responsible for patient care. From respirators to heart monitors to dialysis machines, a treatment center lives on a consistent power supply. A momentary power outage could result in the death of patients or an aggravation of medical conditions. Besides that, hospitals have laboratories that store samples that need refrigeration, not forgetting facilities that have mortuaries.

Data Centres

Data storage has become a paramount investment for both commercial and non-commercial entities. The use of computers in virtually every aspect of life has made data centers a necessity. These facilities store copious amounts of information, and some of it is very sensitive. Some operations such as government services cannot go on without access to this data, and that means power failure is more than just an inconvenience. Threats of data theft and hacking increase when there is no power because it means that the system’s security measures could be compromised.

Emergency Dispatch

An emergency dispatch center losing power means that calls will not be able to come in and that operators cannot and provide help when it’s needed. Whether it’s a fire or someone having a heart attack, emergency calls have to go through dispatch centers. A power outage could mean chaos in the community if there are no means of communication. An industrial backup generator provides assurances that if the power goes out, response operations will still continue.

Cell Tower Sites

Cell phones are undoubtedly the dominant means of communication, and that makes cellular tower sites critical facilities. Without an operational cell tower, it means that the users around that area cannot make calls, and that can be disastrous during emergencies, especially in areas where payphones or home connections are not available. When cell towers are down, emergency response services get affected; hence, the need for backup power such as that provided by The Power Depot.

Fire Stations

One emergency response facility that requires power to maintain operations is a fire station. As with many other entities in the modern world, most of the operations are electronic. A loss of power results in severed communication links to dispatch centers among other crucial functions. If first responders such as firefighters are not able to meet their responsibilities, then that could result in disastrous consequences. Making certain that there is a constant supply of power reduces these risks.

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