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Are There Benefits To Using Used Diesel Generators?

80 kVA Cummins C80D5 Diesel Generator Set

Used Diesel Generators – Are They Worth It?

In today’s society, the need for power efficiency is at the top of everyones priority list. However, this does not mean getting the most power efficient generator should cost the earth (in an expense way and in an ecological sense).

You should be getting the most power efficient method possible for your budget. Can you achieve both from a used diesel generators?

We at The Power Depot think the answer is YES.

Petrol vs. Used Diesel Generators

Used diesel generators are more cost effective to run when compared to petrol generators. They are more environmentally friendly due to being reconditioned to the highest quality. This means the used diesel generator will be running at its maximum efficiency and producing fewer emissions  just like new diesel generator but without the price tag!

Diesel generators don’t have to work as hard as a petrol generator to produce the same output either making sure you get the most out of your fuel.

80 kVA Cummins C80D5 Diesel Generator Set

Power Vs Price

Brand new diesel generators can be towards the most expensive end of the spectrum. When customers are considering buying a generator budget constraints can often lead to making the wrong choice. However, a used diesel generator is significantly lower in price. This is both in price when buying and in cost to run. On average it costs between 30% and 50% less to maintain a diesel generator than a petrol generator after your purchase.

In our opinion, used diesel generators are too often mistaken for being lower in value, however, if refurbished right, they are just as cost effective (if not more) than new generators.

Get What You Want

Another benefit of using a used diesel generator is that they can actually be customised to suit your exact needs. This can include everything from the size, purpose and even colour of the used diesel generator!

All used generators should be refurbished and tested to the highest quality before the sale. If refurbished properly you will end up with a perfect generator that suits your specific needs AND end up paying less than expected for your used diesel generator.

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What We Think

For more information on used diesel generators, contact us at Powerfind to help you determine what would be best for your generator needs. We are experts in used generators, new generatorsservicingmaintenance and providing the hire of a generator.

By having a chat with us, we can fully identify the best solution for you. However, in terms of what The Power Depot think about buying a used diesel generator, we would definitely recommend it. If you are considering buying a generator but are on a budget and want to get the maximum power efficiency for your money, used diesel generators could be the solution for you.

8 thoughts on “Are There Benefits To Using Used Diesel Generators?

  1. I thought it was interesting that diesel generators could be customized to one’s needs. My uncle has been talking about clip on gensets while building his new home. Do you you know what those are?

    1. Hi Bethany. Thank you for your comment and thoughts on our post. We currently do not supply clip on gensets as this is an area we have not yet ventured into, however it is something for us to possibly look at in the future. If you need any advice on stationary or portable generators, then please feel free to get in touch with us. Thanks, the Powerfind team.

  2. Thanks for explaining why it could be good to use used diesel generators. I actually didn’t know that they are really environmentally friendly because they are reconditioned. I’m interested to learn more about this reconditioning process and if it’s different depending on how old or how used a generator is.

  3. Thank you for pointing gout that you should make sure you get the most power from your generator possible. Generators seem very important in a lot of industries. Hopefully, anyone needing a generator looks into finding the best one possible.

  4. are diesel generators are long lasting?

    1. Hi Fariha. With good maintenance & following manufacturer servicing guidelines, your diesel generator can last for a very long time. This of course will also depend on the quality & brand of the generator you purchase, but we only supply generators that we believe to be of the best quality. Some of our brand new generators even come with a 4 year warranty! If you need any more information, let us know!

  5. My husband and I just moved into a house with a generator so I wanted some tips on maintenance. I didn’t know older diesel generators are more eco-friendly because they run at its maximum efficiency and produce fewer emissions than newer generators. I’ll keep that in mind when I hire a generator installation company to help me out at the house and I’ll ask more about used diesel generators.

    1. Hi Sarah
      Our used generators are reconditioned in order to run at their maximum efficiency. We aim to keep them well maintained and serviced so that they are just as efficient as a new generator, although I cannot say they are more efficient than a new generator.
      If you need any advice on how to maintain your generator or if you require a hire generator at any time, please get in touch

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