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6 Benefits of Used Diesel Generators

Used diesel generators are used in industries as a backup for power-generation. It offers an environmentally friendly alternative. Diesel is quieter and less expensive to maintain when compared to petrol generators. But what are the benefits of used diesel generators?

Given a new diesel generator is highly-efficient, what makes a used generator so desirable? 


Stereotypically, a used product has less value than that of a new one. However, this is not fundamentally correct because second-hand generators are usually in fine working condition, but they are significantly more affordable because they have been previously owned. Therefore, used diesel generators are suitable for you if you’re on a limited budget!

The value for money is exemplary also, as a used diesel generator can operate up to 10,000 hours before any serious work is required linking to the idea that they perform in the same way a new one does!

Refurbished and tested

Are you dubious of the threat posed by second-hand fuel generators?

Rest assured, all used diesel generators must be legally tested prior to their resale!

One of the main reasons a used generator must be tested is to ensure the safety of the product, otherwise, there could be dangerous consequences. At The Power Depot, we make sure all the generators we stock are fully serviced and tested. Another reason is that it guarantees the generator works efficiently and offers excellent value for money.


When buying a used diesel generator, wouldn’t it be great if you could customise it to meet your specific needs and requirements?

As a result of the ever-demanding diversity of individual requirements, The Power Depot Ltd has created a wide range of generators which are different sizes, colours and have different purposes.

No matter what you need the generator for, you’re sure to find something at The Power Depot!


Don’t waste money on a new diesel generator! Have you considered a used one? A used diesel generator offers infinite quality – this is because it has been tried and tested before it’s resale; despite this, the cost is significantly cheaper.

  • But why chose diesel and not petrol?

In terms of affordability, it costs between 30% and 50% less to maintain a diesel generator, than a petrol generator – ultimately saving you money!


Understandable, a used diesel generator is too heavy and awkward to transport singlehandedly, hence why The Power Depot Ltd provide a delivery service. They deliver to areas within Europe, the Middle east and America – meeting the demands of diverse needs, on a global level!


Used diesel generators have a variety of advantages including reliability and simplicity; they’re known for their low usage of fuel, having environmental positives! If you require a generator that ensures safe operations, a used generator has the reputation to perform without causing harm – and is particularly effective because they are less flammable!

Why The Power Depot Ltd?

We are specialists in second-hand generators, in the areas of Derbyshire and Chesterfield, however, our delivery service is appropriate for anyone, we ship worldwide!

If you can’t find the generator you’re looking for, CONTACT US TODAY, at The Power Depot we endeavor to source the exact generator you’ve been searching for!

3 thoughts on “6 Benefits of Used Diesel Generators

  1. It was nice to know that diesel generators require lesser maintenance procedure than a petrol generator, so you can be sure that you will save money. One of my friends said that she’s planning to install a generator, and she wants to make sure that the generator that she will choose won’t require her to pay so much for its needed services. What she wants is to make sure that she won’t struggle financially in maintaining her generator, so I’ll share your blog with her.

    1. Hi Ellen, thanks for your comment! We’re really glad you liked our blog post and found the information useful. If your friend has any questions or needs any advice on her generator and it’s maintenance, please tell her to get in touch! Thanks again, the Powerfind team.

  2. I didn’t realize that a diesel generator offers infinite quality! That sounds like a good thing for me and I would love to have a diesel generator. I have heard great things about diesel power and want to try it out myself.

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